Skincare Advice from Shape & Beauty Salon.

As the mild Autumn weather gives way to much colder weather, so to should you change your skin care regime. All skin types are prone to dehydration in Winter & must get extra hydration to protect the lipid barrier preventing further moisture loss and guarding against external aggregation (e.g harsh winds & central heating). Products with hyaluric acid attract and hold moisture in the skin.

Celtic skins that are prone to broken capillaries need to use products that both soothe and hydrate. Rose oil or cream works wonders to calm sensitive skin. A hydrating mask left on over night is another good idea. Of course, even in winter, a SPF of at least 30 is essential worn over your day cream.

Exfoliation is important as dead leratized cells build up quickly and cell production slows down in Winter. Use less often on sensitive skin maybe one a week and most on a congested oily skin.