Nail Trends, Spring and Summer 2014:

Spring, Summer nail trends have never looked so pretty from the perfect nudes, the soft an subtle pastels, rainbow shades containing floral shaped glitter particles to of course the bold bright colours for that wow factor.

Just as you apply a skin primer to help your foundation stay in place it’s also essential to prep the nails before you even think about applying polish.  Not only will the finished effect look stunning but the polish will last much longer.

Prep for a manicure or pedicure
1. File the nails in one direction from right to left – short and square for a sheik office look long and oval for a more glamorous look
2. Soak nails for 10 minutes to soften the cuticles.
3. Pat dry, push pack cuticles with an orange stick.
4. Apply rich hand cream and massage in.
5. Remove a residue of cream from nail plate with acetone free nail polish remover.
6. You are now ready to apply your base coat. There is a misconception that the only function of a base coat is to prevent darker polishes from staining the nails. In reality a base coat has many functions. Not only will it create a flawless canvas on which to apply polish it will also correct and condition the nails. There is a vast array of base coats available from ridge fillers which even out bumpy nails to nails strengtheners to help nails grow long and strong.
7. Apply two coats of your favourite colour.
8. Now you are ready for the top coat.  The main advantage of applying a top coat is to provide a protective layer for the polish and prevent chipping. Again there are many types of top coats from the high gloss, the semi gloss finish and the on trend matt finish. Many have UV absorbers to prevent yellowing and discolouring. A layer of top coat applkier every two days will prolong the life of the polish.
9. Apply some cuticle oil once a day. Solar oil (named the miracle manicure in a bottle) penetrates deeply into cuticles and nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and to encourage healthy nail growth.