The festive season is over and we are all back in work with limited time in the morning. Here’s a Five Minute Make Up lesson on how to achieve the perfect look and get to work on time.

  1. Apply moisturiser followed by a compact foundation which when used with a sponge can build coverage where needed.
  2. Apply light reflective concealer to under eye area.
  3. Pop on blusher to cheek bones, either a cream for a dewy effect or power for a more lasting effect. Always upwards and outwards towards the temples.
  4. Outline lips with pencil and fill in with a hydrating lip colour. Make your lipstick last by blotting it with tissue and reapplying.
  5. Define brows – fill in any gaps with a pencil, a shade darker than your natural colour. Apply a blendable eyeliner smudged into the roots of eyelashes. Followed by a couple of coats of mascara for an open eye effect.

Now you are ready to face the day and your skin is protected from the elements. Please feel free to call us if you would like to arrange a demonstration. We can explain all the things you need to do and give you the confidence to look after your own make up, you will look and feel great this Winter.